Verify Parties to a Sales Transaction

There are honest, reputable brokers making contact with buyers and sellers everyday to put deals together on a sale of a timeshare property. Unfortunately there are some fraudulent outfits contacting sellers with offers to purchase that normally sound to good to be true. If someone has contacted you regarding a potential sale and indicated that they work with Timeshare Closing Group for the closing, please take this opportunity to investigate the transaction if you have any questions.   Timeshare Closing Group has worked hard to establish a reputation for credibility through fair and honest dealings.  We have over 20 years of experience in the legal aspects of the timeshare closing industry, both at the resort level and privately. We deal directly with reputable real estate brokers that work exclusively in the timeshare resale markets. All parties to a legitimate transaction will be more than happy to provide vetting information, industry and customer referrals.

If you have any doubt as to the sincerity of anyone contacting you to transact on a timeshare property or claiming to be associated with Timeshare Closing Group, please go to our “CONTACT US” page and submit information for verification either through the web link or by phone.  We will respond directly verifying whether or not the party you listed does, in fact, have a relationship with Timeshare Closing Group as a legitimate real estate broker.