Timeshare Closings ~ Timeshare real estate is still a relatively new portion of the real estate transfers in general.  A large percentage of timeshare ownership exists with first generation owners who have owned for several years and are aging beyond their prime travel years.  Deeding their ownership to children, heirs, trusts, estates, and resales to new purchasers are on the rise.  The original resort and parent companies do not maintain a transfer title department to assist re-titling the ownership.  Timeshare owners are left to navigate the uncertainty of transferring title properly.  That is where Timeshare Closing Group comes in.

We offer accurate and efficient timeshare title and deed work for all types of transactions.  Accurate Title Transfer is the key to a successful Timeshare Closing.

We provide professional service from individuals with experience working within the title and recording teams for major developers in the industry.

We provide unit and usage verification from both the resort parent company and the recorded title history so that you can move forward with the purchase comfortable that when you check into your resort next year, the unit and view are exactly what you expected.

Not all timeshare closings are the same, some require an attorney, a deed of distribution from an estate for instance.  In those instances, Timeshare Closing Group will contract with a closing attorney on your behalf, ensuring that the legal and regulatory requirements are satisfied.

The Timeshare Closing Group is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ~ routinely handling timeshare closings in the jurisdictions listed below. We are particularly versed in transfers that involve properties at Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, Disney, Diamond, Worldmark, Wyndham, and other large resort companies. Please use the “Contact Us” page to inquire about a transfer at your resort and obtain a quote. If we cannot assist in your transfer, we will gladly put you in touch with a partner in the industry that can assist.

Timeshare Closing Group has experience closing timeshare sales in the following jurisdictions:  

United States – Most frequently Hawaii, Utah, California, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Caribbean – Most frequently Aruba, Bahamas, St. Kitts, St. John USVI, St. Thomas USVI, Saint Martin, Cayman Islands

Mexico – Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, Neuvo Vallarta, and Puerto Vallarta

If the location where you own is not listed, please contact us for information on closing.

Title Transfers, Timeshare Closings, Deeded and Point Program Transfers

Rental Services:  Timeshare Closing Group also provides closing services to our partner Real Estate Brokers engaged in Timeshare Unit Rentals.  We handle the necessary steps to ensure the customer reservation, estoppel, and verification process are in order so a weekly rental can be utilized free and clear for the enjoyment of your guest.