Choosing a Reputable Resale Broker

The Timeshare resale market is by no means a new wrinkle to the global timeshare sales world.  The Timeshare industry projects sales for 2012 to exceed $8 billion dollars in U.S. sales alone.  While a small percentage of that figure is made up of timeshare resales, that percentage continues to grow yearly as the timeshare […]

Consumer Warning

Recently in New Jersey, nine people were arrested for their alleged roles in a $2.4 million mail fraud conspiracy involving time share mortgages. You can review the entire Department of Justice press release to the right. The mail fraud arrests actually total 16 people, as seven others outside of New Jersey were also charged in […]

Special Assessments

A special assessment is a bill that timeshare owners receive from the Resort Developer or Home Owners Association for shared property expenses that are not part of the normal operating HOA budget. This fee is paid in addition to annual maintenance fees and is not covered by the reserve fund maintained by the HOA and […]