We customize our services to the customers problem, specializing in servicing clients in matters that are not covered by a resort tour or in speaking with the developer representatives.

The Timeshare Closing Group is a firm designed to service the needs of customers in two specific areas of the secondary market:

Timeshare Closings and Title Transfers

Completing the legal aspects of a sale of a timeshare property from private sales between parties, gifts, family transfers, and title updates. Essentially completing the real estate closing aspect of the transaction so that ownership is transferred legally and updated with the resort management systems.

Timeshare Collection

Assisting owners at all phases of timeshare cancellations that range from fraudulent sales presentation at point of purchase, cancellation required due to rising maintenance fees, no longer using vacation time, children do not want it, etc…

First, some quick facts about purchasing a Timeshare from a Developer:

Most customers purchase timeshare directly from a developer during the initial presentation at the resort sales center. The presentation is promised to last 90 minutes, but typically lasts much longer.

Most customers do not examine the purchase documents until returning home from vacation and usually allow the rescission period to expire before they read the paperwork. Often discovering a problem with the documents and the way the product was explained by the sales representative.

Most customers once they realize they have a problem, end up purchasing an additional timeshare from the developer upon a return vacation to the very same resort that created the problem

The number one reason customers purchase an additional timeshare is to solve a problem that was created on the first purchase. What customers should do is cancel the original purchase and renegotiating with the resort for a new purchase that matches what they were promised. But that very rarely happens.

Think about that for a second. The very person who created the problem (be it usage rights, ownership unit size, or seasonality of the unit) is the person these customers place their faith in to solve the problem. Where else in your life does that happen? For me, if a car service center does a bad job, I have my car serviced elsewhere in the future. If I purchase something and the company does not stand behind the problem, I stop using that company. But in the timeshare world, customers routinely allow the very sales team that created the problem the opportunity to fix the problem, and the fix always, always, involves purchase of an additional unit week, or at the very least an upgrade to the “correct” unit you thought you purchased. The problem should be obvious, in these cases, the timeshare resort has another sale, and you have a larger mortgage payment for another 10 years. Problem solved right? But for who?

pic-1If you are staring at your paperwork, pouring through details of an owner’s kit, and staring at the ceiling saying… If I knew this is what we were getting, I wouldn’t have done this. Well then the Timeshare Closing Group is a great place to begin to discover what you have actually purchased.

The Timeshare Closing Group is not affiliated with a resort developer or sales center, but offers experienced individuals from within the industry, people who learned the business working for these developers before deciding there had to be a better way. Good customer service should be the lifeblood of any customer related business, but in the timeshare world, BAD customer service is actually accepted as a legitimate marketing target. Their idea is to take an unhappy customer and attempt to fix the problem while generating additional revenue for the company. What they should be focused on is making good on the original promise to the customer.

The Timeshare Closing Group offers a variety of services designed to assist the customer, whether the customer is happy and just looking for objective advice to what they own and the realistic travel opportunities they can realize, or whether the customer feels they have been subject to misrepresentation, misunderstanding, or potentially fraudulent dealings. You will find the Timeshare Closing Group is the first stop you should make if you have questions about a timeshare purchase.

The Timeshare Closing Group will take your call and the initial consultation is free. No obligation, just an honest assessment of your situation and suggestions for the future. Those calls result in an array of advice, from you have a great deal and you’re all set, to you’ve potentially been the victim of a fraud. We won’t know until we discover some essential elements about the sales process and the contracts signed. But you have our word that we are acting in your best interests when we make suggestions, taking appropriate action is your decision.

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